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[RC] containment - Rides 2 Far

The last rides of the season Mike ran more than once to help a horse >
get free of the tie when they had their back leg caught over the tie.  

Stuff can always happen. I've only had my two have any problems at all
one time...and they both had problems at the same ride. I had run too
long of a rope (maybe 50'?) with 2 horses on it to about a 4" pine tree
that would give when they pulled. It looked really tight, but that tree
would still give. Hard to explain but when they pulled to reach distant
grass it gave, then they turned and it caught them.  

My friend's horse rolls a LOT. He was not a good candidate for a high
line. He was O.K. when I'd jump out of bed to hold the rope to the side,
but she slept more sound and he later had a good "episode".  Later they
bought him a metal corral which he leaned on till it flipped with him and
he tore himself up on that. He's probably a good candidate for electric.

I see lots of horrible high lines. People leave them sagging really low
in the middle and lead lines that are too long.  I like the line well
above the horse's head (mine's maybe 8.5') and TIGHT. I tighten it
several times during the weekend, especially if it rains any. I adjust
the lead so it hangs 6" from the ground.  A wide cotton lead will do less
damage if it does get around a foot but will stretch more when wet so you
need to check the length and shorten when necessary. 

I try not to leave camp unattended. (You'll seldom see Bill & me both at
the ride meeting) If I hear a horse getting ready to roll I'm there and
hold the rope out of his way. I keep a knife in my pocket but have never
had to use it.  I sleep close to the line, either in my truck or back of
a 2 horse trailer. If I hear *anything* unusual I'm out there.  (Note:
Becky Siler...if those were your horses squealing in the night I can
blame you that I leaped out of bed and ran to my horse, stepping in fresh
manure barefoot in the middle of the night.  >squish right between the
toes< :-P Had to hold the top of my sleepingbag closed really tight the
rest of the night). 

There really is a safe way to do this stuff. None is fool proof. Bad
stuff happens to careful people sometimes, but I'd like to see us all try
to be careful and give ourselves the best odds for safety we can get.


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