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Re: [RC] [RC] neck collars - Shelley Kerr

How do you train a horse to hobble?  Just put them on and let them figure it out?
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Date: Tuesday, April 08, 2003 10:31:45 AM
Subject: [RC] neck collars
Those who hobble--the inexpensive nylon hobbles from Stateline, etc. make
great neck collars. It's a good idea to teach a horse to hobble
anyway--gets'em to stand still when saddling, mounting, etc. and you can go
back to remedial training and put the hobbles on if you're having trouble
saddling an excited, squirming horse at a ride. If you ever hobble train,
you'll be a believer. When I go camping, I take the hobbles along to graze
the horses at the lunch stop, and they carry them around their necks unless
we're in heavy timber(I worry that they might snag a branch through.)
They're easy to get at around the neck. Of course, I have one knothead that
can run faster WITH hobbles than without, but three legged works for him ;)
Hobble training has saved my horses when caught in wire as well as
preventing a runaway when the rope wrapped around a leg; it saved my bacon
(and Zinger's) when he caught his legs in a sand covered cable while I was
riding. Instead of panicking and thrashing around, he stood till I could get
the heavy cable off. After watching a friend's horse go nutso and fall on
her while wrapped in wire, I BELIEVE!

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[RC] neck collars, Andrea Day