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Re: [RC] [RC] "headsetting" Clarifying - Trailrite

In a message dated 3/25/2003 9:58:13 PM Pacific Standard Time, sec@xxxxxxxx writes:

Have you ever seen a German use a German martingale? I rode for ten years with German trainers and they despised the things, especially in amatuer hands. Their extremely popular in Saddle seat and are responsible for their head set. Anything that teaches "headset" is a gadget... Years of work in a snaffle create good, balanced, relaxed, well muscled horses... Not German Martingales and Draw Reins.

       This is not true.  We've have over 60 horses in endurance that use the German Martingale.  Over 1/4 of these horses are in the standings last year.  We're doing something right here.  Any horse with a TR trademark in front of their name is ours and has been trained with a German Martingale.
       As for Germans not liking them...I have to disagree again.  We sell dozens to them from our product line every year.

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