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[RC] "political issues" - Debby Stai

Its true this is an endurance list yet I do believe this is THE most important issue, primarily because my husband and his fellow soldiers happen to be over there.  I completely sympathize with Scotts feelings, I know exactly how he feels.  I don't understand, and someone please explain it to me, how can an American go out into the street at this time, when the soldiers are over there dying for a cause they truly believe, to free the Iraqi people from this cruel madman and his regime?  How can you legitimize it, accept it just  because we live in a free country.  How the heck did we become free???How can people in Jordan have "peace" demonstrations and yet we see pictures of them throwing rocks at the police, turning vehicles over, burning flags.  I would have been supportive to go over there just for the fact to free the people of this country from this evil doer much less the worry of the weapons of mass destruction.  What about the people?  Doesn't anyone care about the people?  Maybe Sadam Hussein isn't Bin Laden, SO WHAT!  We waited to go after Bin Laden after the Twin Towers, the Pennysylvania flight and the Pentagon.  Why would you even think of waiting to go after Hussein?  Didn't it teach you anything???  I'm sorry for venting. My husband, his comrades are over there, we are there!!!! Lets gets behind the soldiers 100%.