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[Fwd: Re: [RC] Horse safety - Jim Holland] - Jim Holland

Pat and Jinnifer...

Thanks for your support.  However, keep in mind that nothing has been done yet!  It's a start and all we have is a promised "ad hoc" committee, which can be disbanded by the AERC President at any time. RESULTS are what we need.  AERC has added rules and established procedures over the last 20 years on this issue which have not been followed. Historically, the track record is not good.  Since the BoD went to a great deal of effort to address this problem in front of the membership, I will give them the opportunity to prove that they are sincere.

I will continue to collect information and monitor the board's performance.  If I don't see more than a "put out the fire" gesture, I will be back at the Conference next year with my "stack of documentation" and I won't be as generous..

"Fool me once, shame on you...fool me twice, shame on me"!

For one thing, I expect to see a write up of this committee in EN, preferably by the Committee Chair, describing it's charter, listing the members for each region, and the laison procedures between the BoD, the Vet Committee, and the Education Committee.  Soon!

On another note, I need some help....based on some conversations at the Convention, I am running an unofficial survey on a couple of specific parameters at rides.  I would like to have as many members as possible from each region email me with information from rides they have PERSONALLY attended. I don't need SE...can easily get that info.  Cutoff is the end of the Ride Season- Nov 30th. If multiple people send me the same ride that's OK...just verification.  All but the CRI info is on Ride Sanction Form, so nothing that isn't readily available...look here:


However, this info is frequently omitted because at the time the ride was sanctioned, the RM didn't know, it changed, whatever.  If you were THERE, then the info will be accurate.

Fifty (or 55) mile rides only for now just to see how it goes and how many folks are willing to help.

Here's what I need:

Region Name:
Ride Name:
Number of Vet Checks
Distance between Vet Checks
At how many Vet Checks was a  CRI (Cardiac Recovery Index) performed on your horse.

Here's an easy way to send it:

Ride Name - Old Dominion
Region - NE

Start     Vet Ck 1    Vet Ck2    Vet Ck3    Vet Ck4    Finish
Miles    12                18            16             46            50
CRI      No               Yes        Yes            Yes          Yes

Will you take a few minutes to help me AND our horses and encourage other riders to participate? Can't hurt, might help! I'll copy you on the results of the survey.  Info on 5 rides in your region (250 miles) gets you a Blue Ridge, GA T-shirt award. <grin> All participants names held confidential. Email me privately, please! Just need INFO...nothing else.

Thanks in advance....
Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

In a message dated 03/18/2003 11:48:38 AM Central Standard Time, Onefarmgirl@xxxxxxx writes:

Jim was *the* key
guy in bringing this issue forward, in speaking out clearly, simply &
doggedly.   He refused to be ignored &endured criticism &complacency to
keep this important issue on 'page one'.

Congratulations Jim, and thanks.  I think you just won and BC'd the Big Ride.

Pat Farmer


I COULDN'T have said it better.

Thanks from the bottom of our hearts Jim!

Jinnifer Plummer (and ALL my equine buddies!)