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[RC] breed standard - Mary Golden

But what if that someone doesn't want a mentor?  What if they think they know it all -- even if they don't --- but then pump out 20-30 foals a year who may not even be functional due to rotten temperment passed on through breeding or conformation passed through breeding?  Have we ever heard certain horsepeople in your individual areas people say, "Well, the mare's crazy as a loon and dangerous but since no one can ride her -- we'll just breed her."  I have!  What if the only reason they're breeding is so they can turn a buck and produce 150-200 foals each year?  But then can't sell them?  We end up with an Edwards Arabians situation up in Canada in 1999 -- over 300 horses going to auction and most going for under $1,000 -- tons for under $600.  Their "prize black stallion" was originally priced at $9,500 -- sold for something like $1,200.  The mare I bought there had me as a fifth owner (I think;  maybe fourth) because of the "Arabian Pyramid Scheme get-rich quick" deal th at was going on in the 80's and 90's -- the maiden mare was 3 1/2 years old...originally priced at $5,000 by them the year before --- and not worth that money by a longshot!
I guess I just keep thinking of "what if's" -- and I just can't fathom anyone going blindly and being "unsure of their path" investing that much money into something that costs so much and contains much more in uncertainty -- it's cheaper and perhaps less of a gamble if you play the stock market!
<<<<Each horse in itself is an individual not what you hope it will be. Please
show me any horse that has produced a consistent line of the same progeny...
It does not happen and Don't knock people who want to try their hand at
breeding. If the Arabian industry did not have new comers every year,  it
would not exist. I welcome every new eager new comer into the Arabian
industry and if they are unsure of their path they can contact the Registry
and get a mentor..>>>>