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Re: [RC] Shoe-pulling horse/Trailers - Heidi Smith

>   Trailers on rear shoes with endurance horses surely do change the manner in which the horse unloads and moves his feet.
    Unfortunately, it also changes the dynamics of how the rear leg responds to that change...and it will show up in the hock, the stifle or lower back.
    I would recommend not using trailers or on rear shoes.
Ditto that, Frank.  Trailers greatly affect how the foot lands, and if a horse has a "swing" that isn't just perfectly straight, the trailer puts a twisting motion all the way up the leg on landing.  When I was young and didn't know any better, I thought I'd help an endurance mare of mine to travel straighter (and hence quit interfering behind) by adding a trailer and a squared toe to the offending foot.  Well, sure enough, it affected the flight of the foot enough that she didn't hit--but it really did a number to her hock!  Thank goodness I got the thing off of her while the hock was still just sore and swollen, before it did any real damage.  After a winter layoff, she was just fine--and what "cured" the interference was three years of riding that muscled her up to the point that she abducted her rear legs better.  She didn't travel any straighter, but by traveling wider, she no longer interfered.  And she went on to do a 1000+ mile season, quirky flight of her hind foot and all.

Re: [RC] Shoe-pulling horse/Trailers, DVeritas