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[RC] re: rider tendonitis - Teresa Van Hove

My doc it 
 is 'tendonitis' (well duh) and said to wear low heels to avoid 
 stretching the tendons and that it should improve in a few 
 days.  Well, as long as I wear heels it is OK, but any time I 
 walk bare foot or wear flats, it flares up again.  I still 
 don;t understand why my tendons contract in my sleep when there 
 has been no excessive stress to them.  Now the 'bows' seem to 
 be permanent.>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Any ideas?  I'm not crazy about wearing heels!

Go to a good physical therapist.  -and/or  a better doc.
Sounds like you need a guided pgm to control inflamation
and then strectch and strengthen the tendons.  But if
I was a P/T  (I'm a 'puter pgmer) I think I'd want to
do an eye's on evaluation before recommending something.
You might get lots of "when I had this my P/T or doc
had me do this" but who's to know if they had the
same condition.   You might have started the
tendonitis by riding - the heels down riding position
does stretch them more than typical use and they do
have load on them while stretched; but get some
more prof help than "wear heels for a few days"


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