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Re: [RC] The old boot question.... - Magnumsmom

Hi Jennifer,

My horse Blue is barefoot and I ride in easyboots.  Corry 
Clinton of Horses Dacor was instrumental in reasuring me 
Blue could be barefoot here on our NM rocks in his pasture 
and that he would be fine if I rode him in easyboots.  She 
also made sure I found a great farrier.  Thanks Corry!

The easyboots work really really well for us.  Blue has very nice feet now...  
good shape, thicker hoof wall, nice heel 
spread, nice natural cup and healthy frogs.  For training I  wrap Blue's feet 
in duct tape just below the fur one wrap 
around and then put the easyboot over the tape.  The tape 
gives the teeth something more to grab.  I do use the teeth 
as the teeth do not damage Blue's hoof walls.  We have not 
had too much trouble with losing them during training rides 
using the duct tape.  It takes me just a few minutes to put 
the boots on when I ride and pop them off when we get home. 
For competition I foam them on. 

Blue has nice hooves with good shape and heel. Having heel 
gives the strap something to grab. You don't want the strap 
up on the bulb. I use the newer version of the boots with 
the cut down in the back just as they come.  I pull the 
heel strap up to where it engages, but no further.

I do not have any experience with any other type of boot.
Hope this helps,

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM  
with Mr Maajistic... aka Blue

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