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Re: [RC] 15 day dead horse rule - Howard Bramhall

At the risk of repeating myself, I really hope that all we do, initially, is to change what we are doing now.  What we are doing now, as far as getting info out to other members, is practically nothing.  I find that completely unacceptable.
There's not much we can really do if a horse dies a day or two, or a week or two, or a month or two, after an endurance ride in their owner's backyard.  Let's not make this thing too difficult for anyone to accept.  Let's just make it a thing we do. 
We tell all, everything available, if a horse dies at an endurance ride.  Forget those variables that fall into the "other" category.  If a horse dies at a ride, every person there will know that there is a dead horse nearby (and you can believe they all know exactly where the horse is located).  There won't be an answer, based on facts,  as to what happened with this horse if we don't search for it.
It's the only way to be.  We can tweak the rules later, this procedure will evolve; but, for now, let's do something.  What we are doing now, which is just about nothing, needs to change.  It's time to show our hand to the rest of the world.  All cards out on the table.  We hide nothing, we don't look for any scapegoats, we take this course of action to learn from it and we do this to reduce the number of endurance related horse deaths at our AERC rides.
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Sent: Tuesday, March 11, 2003 10:25 AM
Subject: [RC] 15 day dead horse rule

The issue that I have with the 30 day dead horse rule is NOT about  research or education.  If my horse died after a ride and I and my at home vet decided that it was remotely possibly endurance related I would be more than happy to volunteer any and all information to help out. I am very concerned about the death of horses, and the reasons for it. Or any horse discomfort. What I have issue with is making it a rule, something that riders have to sign away rights to privacy or face penalty.    How can you hope to keep track or enforce?  If you hear a rumor that my horse died and you call me up and ask and I tell you that it is not dead, what are you going to do about it? Sit on the highway with binocs and watch for buzzards over my ranch? Get a court order and a back hoe to dig  looking for bodies. Who will pay for all this documentation,enforcement,record transferring?  I mean what are you going to do about it?   There is nothing you can do. So why make a rule that is completely unenforceable, and what I feel is really not in   what used to be spirit of this sport. People that want to volunteer info, and help out will do so.  I think it is perfectly reasonable to set a policy of riders submitting extended information post ride on a voluntary basis.  I feel that making it a rule will only add to the pain and suffering that a person goes thru in loosing a horse, regardless of the reason, and human nature being what it is, create even more desire for secrecy. So please no more rules, especially one so unenforceable.      Annie G.                                                                                                                                                    Anne George Saddlery        www.vtc.net/~ageorge

[RC] 15 day dead horse rule, Annie George