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[RC] re: training/conditioning young arabian. - Teresa Van Hove

My own feelings (and I'm not a top rider nor started that many horses)
is that going to 25 miles in 3 mo is no big deal for a 5 yr old
arabian; but I dont know about the plan to maintain a 10 mph pace for
10 miles after just 10 weeks of work.  I don't know whats the typical
LD pace in your area; but a 10 mph average is fairly fast.  I'd
personally stop increasing speed at 8 mph, and increase the distance
on 1 of the ride days/wk till you're doing about 15 miles in one ride
on a weekly basis.  (and I'd figure riding 8-10 miles twice per week +
the longer ride 1/week was plenty once you get to about that stage.)  

Dont discount the dressage lesson - depending on the instructor,
lesson work can easily be a 5 mph pace (a good walk is 3 mph) so an
active 1 hour lesson is probably equivalent to a 5 mile trail ride. 
As a side note: I'd be using the early LD's as part of the LSD to
prepare for the future 100's; not trying to top ten them.  YMMV - I
dont really know just where the speed cut-off is for LSD when the
experienced riders say they use LSD for the first year or so of

Kathy.Ramspott wrote>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
  Starting at 2 miles walk/trot 3-4 days per week with a 10 mile walk only
  ride on Sat or Sun.  Dressage lesson 1 per week in addition.

increase 1 mile per week walk/trot not increasing speed, pretty much just
  keep going until we are doing 10 miles in over an hour and a half, this
  would be over a 2 month period.

then stay at the 10 mile mark but start decreasing how long it takes
  get down to 10 miles in 1 hour over a couple weeks
  ride 10 mph for an hour 3 days a week for 2 more weeks

  Do a 25 mile endurance ride.
That would mean going from current 2 miles up to a 25 mile ride
within 3
  months.   Is that too fast considering she is a young healthy arabian?

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