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Re: [RC] New to group:Training young arabian - Magnumsmom

Hi Kathy,

Everything sounds fine... until you get to

"Then stay at the 10 mile mark but start decreasing 
how long it takes get down to 10 miles in 1 hour over 
a couple weeks ride 10 mph for an hour 3 days a week 
for 2 more weeks"

There is no way anyone on this list or in any book
can know if 10 mph will be too fast for your mare
without riding with you and her.

10 mph may be just fine if she has great conformation
and does the speed easily.  Just my honest opinion
here, but my gut reaction is 10mph is too fast too soon.
You certainly don't need to be starting with 2.5 hour
25's on her.  You have 6 hours to get across the line
and plus down to complete.

Several good people on this list with thousands of
miles of experience might tell you that 10mph might
be (is) too fast until the two of you have completed
slow 100's and 4 years of solid competition without

That's my gut reaction.  Remember, early speed is what
usually gets new riders and young horses into trouble.  
Only you know your horse, but be honest about it. 

To recap, I'd increase distance from 10 miles at a
comfortable speed for the two of you and not try to
get down to 10mph any time soon (unless it's just
really really easy for her... but even then you 
might check with someone really knowledgeable first
at a ride where the two of you can be evaluated).

And as always, check for heat and swelling.  Much luck,

Kathy Myers
in Santa Fe, NM

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