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[RC] Robyn Hood & Balance Rein - rides2far

In? Trail Blazer, Robyn Hood suggests using a "balance rein" to control the 
hard charging, competitive horse, a rein tied in a loop at the base of the 
horses neck.? Can any one give more instructions:? How tight and where is 
the rein when gauging tightness?? How best is it used.? I ride with a 
hackamore,? will it still be effective??Ted Ruprecht

When Melissa Crain sent Charbiel down here for my daughter to ride she
included his stirrup leather that he wears around his neck like that. I 
thought of it more as something for a very *easy* to control horse...
certainly no great amount of pressure. Josie really liked it...just a 
slight pull on the neck and leave his mouth alone.  If that's supposed
to work on a hard charging horse I think I'll try it.

Kaboot has been HORRID ever since I've been back on him after the
lay-off. I can stop his front end fine, but the rear end is totally
separate...just keeps driving forward until he's scrunched up like an
accordian. He's 14 now. I've always rewarded him as soon as he gives
me a little...he says "Thank you" and takes off again. The more years
of racing he's had the worse he's gotten. I did 2 years without going
that fast and he wasn't so bad but now he's getting pretty hard to bear.
He's never really been "raced" as far as running fast side by side (O.K.
twice in 2800  miles and then at the finish... he's racey at a trot. 
Thing is, he knows his job. He's much better in competition. Just seems 
to want to make working around home interesting. I like the fan belt
idea...no buckle. Barbed wire? Hmmm

Thought I'd get him in shape before going to our first 50 this spring. 
Now I'm thinking of taking him to a 50 to try to knock the edge off of 
him so he'll *let* me condition him.


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