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[RC] fun stuff found while searching patents - Charles

As the weather returned to cold,  I was playing around with the computer and
found that I could search the Patent Database at

Anyway, while looking up Horse and Saddle I came across patent # 5,901,531.
It's described as

Riding saddle safety device

A safety device for use by a horseback rider. Industrial strength hook and
loop fasteners secure the rider to the saddle. Loop material is affixed to
the saddle and complementary hook material is secured to the rider. By
engaging the hook material with the loop material, a sufficient binding
force is established to prevent the rider from being thrown from the horse.
A simple outward leg movement is sufficient to peel away the hook from the
loop material. The invention may be used in conjunction with either the
English equestrian style saddle, the western style saddle or the jockey
saddle. Each includes a safety girth that attaches to the saddle or around
the saddle and which contains a segment of loop type fastening material. A
matching segment of hook type fastening material is fastened either to the
legs or to the boots of the rider.

You can look up the pictures.  Basically it's a strap that goes around the
horse with two straps going off to the side that go around your leg.  There
might be some attachment between your seat and this same strap, but I'm not

1) Has anyone seen this thing?

2) Does it help?


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