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Re: [RC] To breed or not to bred - Heidi Smith

>   The geometry (and the relative physical dynamics that drive locomotion) of a good horse is a constant regardless of breed.
Amen, Frank!  The physics and biomechanics of athleticism do not change.  I lecture somewhat frequently on form-to-function, and that's one of the first issues I address--the SAME basics are ideal for all disciplines.  The only things that change are the very superficial patina of so-called "type" (which if the horse is to be ridden, by its very definition should include riding conformation but all too often does not, in the modern useage of the word) and perhaps which faults can be tolerated to some degree.  But the concept of the three-circle horse, the levelness of back, the proportion of neck to body, the ratios and angles of leg bones, etc. do not change in what is biomechanically ideal from pursuit to pursuit.

Re: [RC] To breed or not to bred, DVeritas