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Re: RC: Re: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes? Nah.

Yes Lynne, the ability to ride impacts the horse independent of weight of
the rider by keeping the weight centered over the area the horse is
better able to support it. However, a 100 pound ride can get away with a
lot more mistakes than a 200 pound rider in this area. Also short riders
can also get away with more mistakes than tall riders because of the
effect of a center of gravity farther away from the horse acts as a
lever. And although a rider rides balanced, this doesn't change the
gravational field he still weights 200 pounds. So it seems we poor old 6
foot HW's are at the low end of the pecking order! :-(

Not a tiny hiney - but working to get back to the middleweight division
then I can say HW's are just a buch of whinners :-).

Lynne Glazer wrote:

> I can't believe I'm posting on this cyclical discussion.  Nobody has
> mentioned that the rider's ability to RIDE has a lot to do with how
> hard the horse has to work.  I know a bunch of heavyweights who ride
> lightly, in balance, and conversely I know some who ride like the
> proverbial sack of potatoes.
> It ain't just about rider weight.  Howard, how well do you ride?  Do
> you have strong enough legs and abs so that you land lightly in the
> saddle on the sitting part of the posting trot?  Can you suspend
> yourself slightly out of the seat during the canter?  <g,d&r>
> Lynne
> OK, T, yes, a tiny hiney

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