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Re: RC: Re: physiology of weight/Absolutes?Nah.

In a message dated 2/13/02 11:44:40 AM Mountain Standard Time, writes:

It seems to me that the BC award does
not measure which horse did the ride in best condition, it just measures
which horse carried the most weight.

Isn't "weight" one of the variables the AERC Veterinary Committee has deemed as relevant in awarding BC....gee, can't the organization get anything right?
    Now, no "bonus points" for doing a hundred?
    Now, LD BC's and First Place Finishers?
    Now, folks with 250 career miles whining because they might have "qualification standards" to meet before they can ride in an ostensibly "high caliber" National Championship?
     Now, folks with thousands of miles whining because they might have to ride with so-called "newbies" in a so-called "high caliber" National Championship?
    The Better Horse doesn't always win, the Better Rider doesn't always win, the More Deserving Horse/Rider doesn't always win, is just a horse and rider making their way down the trail...some fast, some not so fast, some slow.
    And as far as determining which horse is working harder at endurance races....THAT is never hard to determine...just look and listen on the trail and at vet checks.
     I guess all this, too, shall pass when Spring springs and is sprung.:^)...until next mid-winter, that is.

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