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Re: "deserving" to race the NCR

>Their mere participation
> shouldn't feel like a "stain" on the victor's ribbon. This honestly
> me.

No one has suggested (at least that I've seen) that the participation of
green riders makes for any sort of "stain" on the victor's ribbon.  And to
suggest such a thing misses the point entirely.  The point is that AERC has
long held that horses should come first, that bringing them on slowly is in
their best interests, and that it is far better to have a long career than a
short flare and a burnout.  It is to this end that those who have observed
long and have good reason to understand that haste makes waste feel that
higher qualifications are appropriate.  Furthermore, a great many "newbies"
grasp that as well, fully understanding that they need to gain experience
before aspiring to the top.  How that could be twisted to mean that "newbies
aren't welcome" or that their participation is a "stain" is what baffles me.


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