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"deserving" to race the NCR

In a post to ridecamp, Kim Fuess wrote:

>>I don't think the qualifications for a championship ride should be the
"watchdog" for  horse safety.

I(Alison) agree with that, as you know....

But then you wrote:

>>The qualifications should be in place only to distinguish who is the best
horse/rider team for that year.if they can place high in their weight
division or region  with few races that is enough proof for me that they
DESERVE to enter the championship for that year.


Evidently, a lot of people feel this way. and I don't understand it. Why
does someone have to "deserve" just BEING in the race? I mean, the best
teams entered in the NC will win the NC, and that is that...why can't the
newbies come along and be part of the program? Their mere participation
shouldn't feel like a "stain" on the victor's ribbon. This honestly baffles


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