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Re: RC: equine dentistry re. post from terre...short......andLONG

on 2/7/02 8:18 PM, at wrote:

> Yes. All horses. It is a myth that they will always give indications of a
> problem.

I agree, but here is the problem. I have my horses teeth floated once a year
by my vet. Costs over 150 per horse. The equine dentist charges over 300 per
horse. Now that is some expensive dentistry. If it were not so darned
expensive I would LOVE to have a dentist come here. So Cal is so expensive
and it is frustrating to see other people spend less than I do for a float
for good dentistry. Why must it be SO expensive in this region? I think it
does the horses a disservice. More owners would shell out for a dentist if
it were not quite so high.

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