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Re: equine dentistry re. post from terre...short......and LONG

> Sarah Metcalf DVM smetcalf@moscow .com
> <<<Re: dentistry--do you think the full check-up (with sedation, speculum,
> etc) is necessary for ALL horses, or only those with some indication of a
> problem?
> Yes. All horses. It is a myth that they will always give indications of a
> problem.

I'd like to point out that when we went through about half of our herd we
found all of one that had such a good mouth that he really didn't need
anything done.  Granted, most were not very serious, but still.....

And Sarah is right that the YOUNG ones are often the most in need.  If
horses receive dental care when young, often their middle years will be
relatively uncomplicated, with very simple and infrequent maintenance.  And
of course, older horses also are more prone to problems.  But checkups are
good for all.

And just a bit of trivia, for a historical perspective--the cavalry
regulations during the Civil War (the War Between the States, for those of
you from the South) were that one cavalryman in 12 carried dental
equipment--I think that's the same as the number required to carry farrier
tools.  For best results, teeth were maintained just like feet were.  And I
think that's one place where care of horses has regressed in modern
times--I'm glad to see more interest of late in dentistry.

A painful mouth can actually end up causing lameness, if a horse has to
accommodate the pain by an unnatural posture, which in turn leads him to
move improperly.


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