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Re: Qualifications

Tami wrote 
"It seems a solution would be to make a mandatory 500
LIFETIME mile (any distance) minimum to go to
Nationals, instead of horse/rider combo.  Make the
horse/rider 250 mile minimum...including LD rides."

I guess that I would like to know what is wrong with having to 
work at getting to something prestiges ? I love to have a goal 
and the ROC was one for me , now it started back up and I have
a young horse but the ride is not nearly appealing as when you 
had to qualify for it . The NC shouldn't be an event that newer
aerc riders need to ride in to inspire them to go to higher distances
and go to more events . It should be an event that newer rider
work towards , why does everything have to be hurry hurry .
They have regular rides to go to and ride , this is a special event .
And letting LD miles count , c'mon now then we might as well 
count our training rides at home , same thing . 
                 Drin Becker

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