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Riding on beach MI/OH

Vicky Smith
   As a long time member of the Michigan Trail Riders Association, I can
tell you that the Mi DNR frowns on ANY beach riding. Our access to the
Huron and Michigan are in jeopardy. Every year we wonder if the riding
will be allowed to access the lake just to get our horses' feet wet.
is the worst. But things are pretty strict at Empire, too. Non horse folks
don't want to walk around horse poop- especially in barefeet. Now we all
know that it isn't toxic waste. Lots of people don't agree. Our club has
poop patrol after everyone has ridden back to camp. Four volunteers armed
with shovels and garbage bags search for every road apple so as not to
offend J.Q. public.
   The only time I've got to enjoy an exciting ride along one of the Great
Lakes was on a stretch of private property owned by a horse loving
and his wife. They had a mile of frontage- incredible! That property is
probably all million dollar homes. But we appreciated the opportunity even
   Riding where we aren't allowed or welcome ruins horseback riders
to make a favorable impression. Not to mention the DNR can write you a
ticket and fine violators. Call or write to the Mi. DNR to see if there
areas open to beach riding.
  Thompson Harbor on Lake Huron used to be open to horses. You couldn't
fast though as it is all stone. However, my friend went over to ride and
was newly posted as closed to horses. I don't know why as I never
encountered any other users there.
      Vicky Smith - I am a reg. subscriber but my posts get bounced back.

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