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Re: RC: Qualification Change for Nationals: New Stats

Of course, one should never quit learning, but 1000 miles barely scratches 
the surface. Especially for an individual learning on their own. (Now there 
are professionals hand-holding clients through rides on horses 
professionally trained & conditioned & that's a different issue.)
5 total rides is NOTHING. I wouldn't even consider a horse seasoned enough 
for a NC. Of course, many of the horses may have many miles ridden by 
someone else. But, we're talking about setting qualifications, and can't 
assume the horses have had more base.
On top of that, those rides could be LD. I really hate to go there on this 
issue. I like LD. Still participate in it from time to time. Some day that's 
all I'll be able to do. It is a valuable event combined with an endurance 
ride. Our OCER group has a great awards program for recognising it. It is 
NOT an endurance ride. Should not be considered in the qualifications for an 
ENDURANCE NATIONAL CHAMPION. I happen to know that the fact this (LD miles) 
was allowed kept some truly qualified people from entering the NC.
I understand that ride management needs a certain number of riders to make 
the ride financially feasible. If it can't be done by requiring more than 4 
50 mile rides (lifetime combo), then it's best not done at all.
Monte considers this whole discussion to be like cutting the top off Mt 
Everest so more people can say they reached the summit.
Monte & Nancy Mitts

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