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Re: RC: Qualification Change for Nationals: New Stats

On the whole I don't believe the "less qualified" people knowingly take 
worse care of their horses than experienced people. But, that's not the 
point of the qualification for a national championship.
Declaring someone a National Champion on the basis of one ride is not in 
keeping with the overall philisophy of endurance.(At least mine!) There's a 
saying every dog has his day...and that holds true for horse races as well, 
endurance included.  Any good horse/rider combo MIGHT win a single ride on a 
given day, regardless of prior record. It might be their one (and only) 
moment of shining glory.
If the entire field has already proven their ability to go the 
distance--repeatedly--then winning that one ride means the BEST of the BEST 
on that day. (A CHAMPION)

Nancy Mitts

>I will let you look at the numbers and get your own
>take on what they mean.  All I am trying to say is
>that based on the emails and the overall feeling I get
>from AERC I fully expected to see less qualified
>riders pulled and the more qualified riders stay in
>the game.  Instead the most qualified (based on miles
>and rides) were much more likely to be pulled.
>What do you think?  Tami Lange

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