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Re: RC: national championship/qualifications

    I think I agree with you, i.e., the number of miles ridden by a given horse and rider team does not represent whether that team has a better chance of WINNING a National Championship, but it DOES represent that that team has a better chance of COMPLETING a National Championship...and we know that if you don't COMPLETE, you can't WIN.
   Can a horse who has the proper legging up and conditioning over three or four years, but due to the owner's lifestyle, money, etc., has not piled up miles and miles of rides WIN a National bet...likely, I don't think so.
    So, if qualifications are defined as a means of safeguarding horses and their continued well-being at a "prestigious" National Championship race, then the new qualifications should be okay.  BUT, if they are indicative of who deserves to compete for a National Championship....
    Theoritically, any AERC member should be able to pull up, pay the entry and give it a go.  Theoritically, they won't do very well against a seasoned team of horse and rider, irrespective from which region that team hails.
    So, maybe tougher qualifications ARE a good thing when viewed from the perspective of MOST horses.
     And I am not pissed off, just wonderin' what all the emoting is about. :^).
     Frank (who competed in the National Championship Series in 1991...a hundred in Montana, about two weeks later, a hundred in Southern New Mexico and then about three weeks later, the National Championship 100 at Land Between The Lakes, KY/TN....there was no 50 Mile Championship, no Limited Distance Championship, just alot of trailer miles and a tired horse and rider.)

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