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Re: RC: national championship/qualifications

At 10:50 PM 2/6/02 -0500, you wrote:
I live about as far west as you can go and no one I know, including Heather, ever said that trail was easy or an easy competition.  Where did you get this idea.  Somebody wrote and asked about what people thought and I thought Karen and Kathy were just saying how they feel. 

YAY Maryben!!!! 

You guys, we were answering a question somebody asked about what we thought.  Whenever that happens, BOD members get all wound up tight and think we are being negative about the NC ride.  That isn't it at all.  Why is it hard to accept that a lot of members feel as we do?  There are a lot of different people in this sport and I don't expect them all to feel or see things as I do, but I do resent posts like Duane's about whether or not I think I can handle it.  We were talking about the qualifications for a ride, not whether or not people think they can personally handle doing a ride in a different region or not.  btw, I think I rode in 6 or 7 regions this past year and yeah, I rode in real heat and real humidity.   Let's be realistic about expecting where the riders are going to come from when they have a NC ride.  There will always be some people (like me) who are willing to travel farther than the average member to go to a ride.  But the majority will probably come from where there is a large concentration of riders that can travel to the ride within a day.  The more riders in that area, the more there will be that may be qualified.   It takes a long time to build a good endurance horse, it will take a long time to build a good NC ride.  Discussion without being so defensive would be a good start.  I still would like to see the issue of the completion rate this past year addressed.  What can be done to improve this?  More vet checks?  Lower pulse criteria?  A pre-ride lecture? 

West Region

P.S. Truman have I succeeded in pissing off the other half yet?  :+D

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