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Exciss trailers/Trailers w/living quarters

Hi Ridecampers!
Thanks to everyone  who responded to my plea for help concerning spring stirrups-over 20 responses-I knew you guys would'nt let me down.I am back on the trailer talk after spending two nights at piney pig next to some singing cowboys.
They completed the picture with a guitar and microphone,even a visit by the police would not shut these guys up.Sat
night we ended up out of the tent and in our respective vehicles.It was FUN to ride 25 miles with less than four hours sleep.For once I did'nt fight Viktor's need to gallop and he had a great time on the first 15!After wistfully eying the luxury rolling motels of Kanavy and Rojek I am back to looking at trailers.I'm thinking about an Exciss w/a basic ac package,finished out w/potty-shower combo or a small living quarters w/separate potty-shower.Is it worth the extra
for a Lq or should I just get the basic for 12,000?The basic Lq for 19,000?Or fancier for 24,000?I live in Florida where it can get very hot and buggy,also storms and lightning as well.Does anybody use their trailer for family camping,like to visit Disney World?Is a horse trailer permitted in any campsites?
Thanks in advance-feel free to e-mail me -
Alicia and Viktor

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