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Re: RC: [Fwd: Hott Wash portable Hot Water Unit]

You might want to look at the ZODI products which use propane and give
you an unlimited supply of hot water.  Portable for warm showers on the
road.  Go to:, or specifically:

Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

In a message dated 2/3/2002 10:57:47 AM Pacific Standard Time, writes:

   Has anyone tried the Hott Wash Unit show on page 8 of the "Back in
   Saddle" Catalog

Yes, I just bought one.  I got mine from Tracy at Long Rider's Gear.  I
used it for the first time yesterday and my horse definitely
prefers warm water to the icy cold stuff <g>.  You have to be pretty
quick with the hose, but I made it through the first rinse barely
before I ran out of warm water.  Then while I soaped and scrubbed (it'd
been a while since he'd had a bath) the next batch of warm
water was ready.  I have the 4 gallon model.  If the 6 gallon didn't
have to be hard wired in, I think it would be the better one to
have.  The 4 gallon does work, but you have to be quick!

Sylvia & Harca (aaaaaahhhhhh

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