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Mystery Weight Loss Older Mare

Here are a couple of things I've used with great success in getting weight 
on two of my hard keepers.  Beet pulp is great, start with that.  I have 
also added corn oil, if they will eat it.  Rice bran is also great, my hard 
keeper mare used to get 1/2 quart with warm water in dinner every night.  It 
really helped.  I've also used Athlete, made by Purina.  I have used each of 
these individually and in combination.  My mare used to get her sweet feed 
mixed with Athlete and rice bran.  My Arab gelding and my endurance horse 
both get beet pulp, Athlete and corn oil.  My Paint gets beet pulp and corn 

I have also used Nu Weight, made by Select, which is just dried animal fat.  
There are other similar products.  They work great, but they are made of 
animal fat and your stall will stink like a dirty hampster cage.

Carolyn Burgess

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