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  • - Carolyn Burgess

    Re: [RC] Ground Control Shoes - Maggie Mieske

    We have to ditto Laura's comments.  We just pulled Malik's GC shoes.  They
    were put on to do the last ride we didn't get to the end of September.  They
    were still tight but he was getting too much toe so they had to go.  I think
    they could even be reset.  I have ridden him on some snow and slippery
    surfaces (not ice, just slick) and I do believe they were better than
    barefoot...he didn't have problems balling up with snow either.  We are
    similarly impressed with these shoes.  On the right horses (they do NOT work
    for every one), they are terrific!  I WISH we were getting paid for their
    endorsement!  :)
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    [RC] Ground Control Shoes, Laura Hayes