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    [RC] Ground Control Shoes - Laura Hayes

    I just pulled the Ground Control shoes I put on my mare to do Fort Valley 2
    day 100 in Oct.  She did the 100, finished first and BC, and has done many
    miles of gravel carpet coat road since then in conditioning (no where else
    to ride this time of year)
      I pulled the shoes today because after 9 weeks her toes were long.  The
    shoes were tight, and have very little wear.  I am thinking of putting them
    back on to do the Gator Run 150 in a couple weeks - just to see how many
    miles they really would go.
    These shoes hold the road, the rocks and the center bar protects against
    bruising, yet allow the sole to breath.  My mare's feet looked fabulous
    under these shoes - no squashed heels or broken wall - and I would have to
    say that she has average feet - they are white and tend to bruise.
    I have heard riders say that they are not good on wet grass - my trails have
    been average, but I don't think wet grass is something I see alot of.  They
    appear to be similar to an unshod foot on ice and slush.
    I am not getting paid for this!!  These shoes are the best new product I
    have used, EVER.
    Laura Hayes AERC#2741
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