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    [RC] polo ponies for endurance - Andrea Day

    To be truthful, I've not seen a polo pony go into a career as an endurance horse, but I have seen two very promising (over 500 miles, under 1000)endurance horses go to become polo ponies. The gal that had them needed to sell them quickly as she was in the military, and there were no good endurance or using prospects that responded fast enough. She did however, know a friend in California that would provide a good working home for them as polo ponies, and liked/worked well with Arabs, so she shipped them there.

    My feeling is the same conformation qualities that would make an atheletic polo pony would make a good endurance horse. Provided they aren't heavy muscled horses--usually not the case from the ones I've seen--the background conditioning would be a bonus. You would still have to work on yourlong distance trotting, but the horse should be mature and hard enough to start right in to medium-long distance with some speed if he's been played much at all. You might be able to work right into LD if he's just coming off the field.

    The couple polo ponies I've ridden have all been extremely well-conditioned, very catty and agile, had GREAT legs and feet, were NOT spooky, and were tough minded and couragous. They were hard-mouthed, but had steering/were correctable, and could have been worked into a snaffle without much problem.

    Good luck with your decision. I'd be curious to see what you choose to do. Please post to Ridecamp, if you don't mind the world knowing.

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