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    RE: [RC] LD's and second class citizens - Rae Callaway

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    Sent: 12/29/2002 3:27:51 PM
    Subject: [RC] LD's and second class citizens

    In the Southeast region we pride ourselves in first class events for all our all our riders. If there is a vet line - which is seldom and usually short - every one stands and waits his turn. It doesn't matter if you are an LD or a 100 miler you have paid your membership dues and your ride fee and you take your turn. It just so happens in the SE there are placements given for LD based on the 60 pulse finish line. <snip>   I have seldom heard any complaints from LD riders in the SE about being second class citizens.
       I ride LD in the CT region and will continue to stay in that distance until I can figure out why I get so sick after each ride.  I love the rides we have in this region and I have NEVER felt like a 2nd class citizen.  I've never had anyone insist on passing me in line at the vet check either.  We've got a great group of people here and I was pretty proud today when I finally talked some friends into coming for their first endurance ride.  They had previously competed in CTR and were quite unprepared for the lack of restrictive rules.  They both commented about how very friendly and helpful everyone was.  The trail was a mess, thanks to mud and fog, but they both enjoyed themselves immensely. :o)
    --- Rae
    --- Tall C Arabians - SE Texas
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