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    [RC] bone/feet/topline/weight/girth - heidi sowards

    So to recap, cannon length in comparison to the diameter as
    well as the horses weight included are the more important
    clues? I was at a barn not long ago and a gal was saying
    how big her horse's cannon bones were (diam.) at 7.5
    inches. Her horse was tall (over 15 hands is tall to me)
    and the cannon bones longer. Since I didn't know if this
    was necessarily a good thing, I kept my mouth shut. (Not
    like I would have argued or anything, I generally keep my
    mouth shut!!) When I first got Ash I posted he had 8"
    cannons but now I see the overall picture would have been
    to also post his weight (he's about 900 lbs. and he's 14.2
    and a half.) Too heavy of cannons or should I not even
    concern myself? He is put together pretty nice, had 00 feet
    when I first got him and now after regular trimming has 0.
    Trot is not super smooth like my older guy, but not bad at
    all. I also think barrel/girth area is another important
    aspect that is overlooked (as well as the topline as Heidi
    Smith suggested) and this guy has tremendous lung capacity
    with well sprung ribs and one of my big concerns when I got
    him was that when he trotted, he didn't interfere. I had
    looked at a 2 year old that when trotting darn near hit
    himself and Ash opens up those back legs and his feet land
    almost as far apart as his hip line. I really like that as
    my older (smoother) guy clips himself, especially when
    tired. I guess only time will tell how Ash does, as he's
    only completed one easy 25 this past summer. He's getting
    fatter right now, as with Christmas and tons of work, he's
    been left to eat alot!!!
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    Re: [RC] bone, Zephyr Arabians