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    Re: [RC] Multi-day Horses - Trailrite

    In a message dated 12/19/2002 8:55:42 AM Pacific Standard Time, heidi@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx writes:

    .   Cannon circumference is NOT a concept that has any meaning UNLESS it is correlated to the overall size of the horse.

    Heidi...Boy are you right here!  I had a couple come out and turn down a 15.1 hand gelding because he only had 7 5/8" cannon bone area.
    Lets not forget that also, tendons and ligaments are measured in this area too.  You can have a small boned horse with large tendons or a large boned horse with small tendons.
    Another thing...how many horses in endurance have had broken cannon bones?  Didn't this all start with jumpers or something?

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