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    [RC] LD Rule Change - KYielding

    Heidi said..."The rider in the back of the pack is the most apt to be on an out-of-shape horse--and is the VERY one who should not be encouraged to "step on the
    accelerator" to "beat the clock."? One of the beauties of LD, as we now run
    it, for the sake of the horse's safety, is that the rider of the
    less-than-fit horse at the back of the pack has to ride smart to get a
    completion.? And I'd hate to see that concept be changed."

    I intend to be that rider at the back of the pack in 2003 (I hope!) and I very likely will be not in the best shape.  I would hate to see the rules changed to allow someone like me a completion if I can't do it safely - for myself or my horse.  I agree with Heidi.  Please don't change it.   Tomorrow I'm having a knee replaced so I'm pretty sure I'll be a little out of shape next year.  My mare might be a little out of shape also but my grandson has said he'll ride her for me for awhile to help keep her in shape. :>)  He's a good kid!

    Kathleen & Sabrina