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    Re: [RC] LD Rule Change - SandyDSA

    In a message dated 12/19/2002 9:17:58 AM Pacific Standard Time, KYielding@xxxxxxx writes:

    I intend to be that rider at the back of the pack in 2003 (I hope!) and I very likely will be not in the best shape.  I would hate to see the rules changed to allow someone like me a completion if I can't do it safely - for myself or my horse.  I agree with Heidi.  Please don't change it.   Tomorrow I'm having a knee replaced so I'm pretty sure I'll be a little out of shape next year.

    Something very fundamental here - everyone does not have a 'right' to complete whether or not they actually did. Everyone DOES, however, have an obligation to ride within the capacity of both their own condition and their mount's. As hard as it is to admit at times, if a rider or horse is questionable, they should not compete. That is a pretty simple concept. As much as I WANTED to ride at Warner in a few weeks, my recovery from surgery hasn't been as compelte as fast as I would like. I did push it too fast (shame on me) and so now I see that for both myself and my horse, it is better to crew, enjoy the time off, let my horse kick back and eat - and take another month or two - when perhaps my doctor WILL approve - before we go for it again. Should we get compassion completion? I think not. How embarrassing THAT would be!