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    Re: [RC] Multi-day Horses - Heidi Smith

    > Wouldn't cannon length be part of the equation?  A long, skinny cannon
    > be weaker than a short one.
    > Katee Owens
    While cannon length isn't really a part of the "equation" for determining
    bone (and determining bone isn't just a matter of wondering whether cannon
    bones will break, but more of a way of putting a number on overall skeletal
    substance), what you mention is just one more of those things that one has
    to consider as a part of the overall picture.  A long cannon is not
    particularly "weaker" but it DOES give the horse a significant mechanical
    disadvantage, hence causes him to use more energy to get the same amount of
    work done in comparison to one with a short cannon and long forearm.
    Measuring bone is all well and good, but it is such a tiny part of the
    picture compared to making sure that "all of the parts belong to the same
    horse" that I get really disgusted at folks who inquire about horses and
    only want to know how tall they are and what their cannon circumference is.
    Better to ask whether they are balanced, how well they move, and what their
    metabolic capability is apt to be.  And I've had precious few inquiries from
    folks who are interested in whether or not they have SHORT cannons relative
    to their forearms--I'd be much more eager to see one of my horses go to such
    a home, quite frankly.
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