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    Re: [RC] [RC] [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders - Nancy Mitts

    I am aware it is another issue entirely. It is that specific issue I was addressing. To wit, the time allowed to pass the completion exam according to the rule as presently written. I never heard of any "clarification" that allows 25's 60 min.

    To address YOUR issue:
    If 25 miles is the introductory distance to endurance, we can't expect people doing their first ride to be prepared to race full out for 25 miles. Therefore, the rules should not encourage them to try to do so. On the other hand, as it stands, if experienced riders are willing to race under the rules as written, they may do so. It's trying to serve 2 wishes in one, I know. The solution, if nobody can live with things as they are? Eliminate the LD program as it stands. Create Novice, with strict controls in place, and LD Racing. Personally, I think this will make the situation WORSE.

    Nancy Mitts

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