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    Fw: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders - Dot Wiggins

    I think I may have started this thread some time ago following the ride Barb
    mentions.  (And yes, we ran, and since both horses have talent, and were
    fit, they pulsed down in time.)
    The situation made me aware of a major difference between LD and Endurance
    rules.  Tail enders in 50+ milers can run like hell to make up time and then
    have 60 minutes to meet completion criteria.
    My earlier question was,   "Should LD riders have the same privilege?"
     Why is it OK for Endurance and not LD?
    If the rules changed to allow a rider that arrived at the point where LDs
    are being timed in within the time allowed for that distance, a completion,
    provided the horse met pulse recovery requirements, would it meet LD goals?
    Except in a ride with less than 10 entries, this would have no effect on any
    "Top Ten" or BC judging on LDs that have such, only completion.  And I think
    30 minutes to recover is fair for LDs, rather than the 60 minutes for 50+
    Sorry to extend this thread, it's been worked to death often.   Just wanted
    to point out a difference in requirements for LD and Endurance.
    { And in response to your question about tough rides;  Never heard of a
    protest about rides that were too hard, most folks do just vote with their
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    > wrote:
    > > Or, (2) we can run like
    > > hell the last 3 miles, and have 4 to 5 minutes for
    > > the pulse to come down.
    > > Guess which one we chose??
    > I'll bet you ran in and pulsed down with 30 seconds to
    > spare!  Well, that MAY have been what I would've done.
    > This ride brings up ANOTHER thought in my pea brain.
    > What about courses so difficult, most riders can't
    > make it in time?  What then?  I know the rules...and
    > can imagine how the RM could fix it for next year.
    > However, some RM LOVE the tough trails and won't
    > change it.  So now, only the hard-riding front runners
    > can make time and even they take most of the time for
    > that distance.
    > Yes, I'd vote with my feet but has there ever been a
    > protest for such a ride?  What was the outcome if so?
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