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    Re: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders - Barbara H-B

    Steph: I agree with Bob, Bette and a number of others. PNER got AERC to implement the LD finishing rule for good reasons. It works! A course is a course. To complete the course is to complete the course. The rule sets up the course - don't change the rule. It seems that the overall opinion from LD riders is to not make the completion any less challenging! Let's keep it that way!
    As to the other issue - hold times - that is a RM's decision. RM's know the course and the logistics of the ride. The riders get to know all about them at the pre-ride meeting and should ride accordingly!

    Barbara Holmes-Balmer
    Ride Manager, Ride Over the Rainbow
    July 5th, 2003

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    Ride Long and Ride Safe!!


    [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders, Steph Teeter