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    [RC] [RC] Multi-day Horses - Karen

    I only know of a couple of high mileage horses that have really small feet. I know two of the three (and maybe the 3rd, I didn't ask that particular person) horses who are Gold Medal Riders this year (they did all of 1000 XP miles/multidays) take a size 2 easyboot. But then, the horses were all mares so maybe we should all trade in our geldings (just kidding). :+D

    Susan Garlinghouse has probably measured the most cannon bones out West. Maybe the info she got from all of those hundreds of horses could be used towards figuring out something in regards to lifetime career mileage for those same animals. (I know she doesn't have enough to do <G>)

    I do have pictures of every horse that was on the 2001 XP. Not that they focus on the cannon bone or anything, but you are welcome to look at the CD (I can bring it to Death Valley) and get an idea at least of what the body types are of the horses that did the best. A lot of those horses will probably be there in person so you could get a first hand look. I really think that how well a horse does in endurance has as much or more to do with the rider than the horse. Meaning basically that some horse that have everything going for them don't last because of how they are managed, while others who are pretty average (like my horses) are able to do a lot of mileage because they are managed more carefully (by somebody who is more anal, like me >g<).


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