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    Re: [RC] Help for "Un-ridable" Horse - Rental? - Magnumsmom

    Dusty was such a great horse I'd forgotten he had a hard
    mouth.  I never knew about his sides 'cuz all I did was
    sit up and enjoy the ride!  Dusty also took me on my first
    50 at the age of 21... he was 21, not me.  :)
    Actually, I was thinking of the Sea Horse ranch rental 
    string in HMB, CA.  We used to walk by all the time past
    the horses and the wranglers.  One day Sea Horse had 
    gotten in several young tall arabians.  Grey, good feet, 
    no clubs or bows or nothing.  Looked to be about 4 years 
    old.  I was wondering how they would do, but they survived. 
    The wranglers tended to take them over and make them their
    personal all day mounts.  
    Once in a while one of the rental horses would figure out
    how to bolt home.  I remember an appy who blasted back 
    flat out with some poor soul clinging to the saddle horn. 
    I didn't think the "rider" would make the 90 degree right
    hand turn back down the drive, but he did.  It's amazing
    how well survival skills kick in.  Never did see that appy
    again.  I'd imagine that was one ruined horse.
    When Tamera posted about her horse I thought about those 
    young arabs.  They might be 6-7 now.  I was thinking that
    horse sounded like it could be one of them.  Maybe never 
    really trained and ruined to bits, sticks, and heals.
    I did put a bit in Dusty's mouth once.  Once.  He walked
    right back to the barn.  Put the hackamore on and he was
    the greatest horse you'd ever want to ride.  I actually
    bought a old Breyer Glossy Bay Quarter Horse (#99) off
    eBay a years back just because he looks like Dusty.  By
    the way, Maryben.  I know you think your western show
    saddle hit the dirt way back when.  Actually, when the
    girth let go (my fault, I didn't hitch it proper), I hit 
    the dirt, but the saddle just slipped under Dusty's belly.  
    He stopped dead with that saddle hanging under there and 
    softly blew at me until I  got my breath back and could 
    get up and back on.  :)
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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