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    [RC] I'm back in the saddle again! - Rides 2 Far

    Yee haw,
    Just had my first decent ride since my Oct. 6 mishap.  I tried to ride a
    couple of weeks ago but couldn't handle him pulling on the shoulder, so I
    gave it a couple more weeks.  NO trouble today...except for one thing.
    Josie was an absolute GRANNY about worrying about me. Hee hee. How often
    do parents get to torment their children the way kids torment parents? 
    What an opportunity.  I remember when I saw a friend get hurt that had a
    bigger affect on me that getting hurt myself.  Now she expects Kaboot to
    fall every time I go blasting up a hill or something.  At least it didn't
    make her scared of her own horse...just mine. >g<  Now I'm out of school
    for 3 weeks, horses have fresh shoes and I'm officially released by the
    Dr. to ride this week...eat your hearts out!
    Oh yeah, here's a new innovation I've come up with for those who read
    this far.  I'm sick of fishing hay & chunks of ice out of buckets in the
    winter so I bought a kitty litter scoop.  Works great!
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