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    Re: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders - Lynne Glazer

    As an experienced ride manager, no way do I want my hold times to be determined by someone unfamiliar with our terrain and/or weather conditions. It's my responsibility to look at our selected trail, and decide what the holds will be. I'm doing that right now for the new Bar H Boogie ride. OTOH, on the Norco ride this year, I had accumulated 4 years of completion statistics and timetables for the in and out on the checks to know how long riders stayed in the check, etc. This is the first year we've had people overtime who completed the course, and we had the same hold times for 3 years.

    Confusing? That's why we have ride meetings the night before, to make sure everyone knows what the criteria is and what the hold times are.

    Two holds on a 25, with 50 minutes total, is too much, IMHO. I personally feel there should be no more than 30 minutes of hold in a 25, to allow more time to complete. But it's still the ride manager's judgment call, and the directors can help out a new ride mgr by reviewing their plans.

    Bar H Boogie (PS) 3/1/03

    On Wednesday, December 18, 2002, at 07:08 PM, Typef wrote:


    Quite confusing for a newbie who sees all these rules about meeting criteria
    but the holds are completely up to the RM's. After doing both and coming in
    last on the first one and almost last on the second one, believe it or not,
    I liked the holds on the first one better. But it really does make a newbie
    wonder about the difference allowed in the actual ride time vs. the AERC
    6-hours-to-complete thing.

    I've heard lots of comments about how any horse should be able to complete a
    25 in the time allotted with no problem staying with the time limit. I
    conditioned for three months ahead of time, 3 days a week 7 miles per day
    and every other weekend a 12-15 mile LSD. I still was only able to come in
    almost last, at a speed I thought my horse could handle. But then, again,
    I'm riding a 5-year-old Mustang and not a naturally-enabled Arabian (boy,
    have I seen this to be true with my daughter's new Arabian and my new
    Arabian who right out of the starting gate, at 10 times more able than my
    "conditioned" Mustang. So for me, I guess I'm saying, it seems to make sense
    more so, that hold time values be established just as much as completion

    I'll take any and all comments on this one!

    :) Jackie

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    Re: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders, Typef