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    Re: [RC] Mustangs - Magnumsmom

    Laura wrote:
    > [...]
    > There are simply not predators big enough to take 
    > out the average horse in North America.
    > [...]
    Actually that's not true.  There is one herd of mustangs 
    in the eastern Sierra that are in balance.  The herd 
    produces the normal 16-17 foals a year but only 25%
    (4) of those survive .  They are hunted and  kept in 
    balance by mountain lions who have learned to hunt them.
    Unfortunately we don't have enough moutain lions left
    to keep the horses in check.  Or wolves.  Wolves could
    take down a horse too.  Bears.  What about bears?
    Not enough of those either. 
    Regardless of a healthy horse's ability, the point is to
    trim down the youngest and the weakest which could
    be done by preditors here in the US if we had a balance.
    Too many mustangs, not enough wolves.
    Kathy Myers
    in Santa Fe, NM
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