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    Re: [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders - Becky Huffman

    when they pulse down stops their ride time, and places them.   ....we've had
    this discussion before, if they come into camp at 5:50 and pulse down at
    6:10, they are OT.   Bob has probably posted the letter of the law, so we
    can rehash it correctly.
    I always hate to see someone not complete - Lord knows - I have been
    there.... but the nature of the sport is to ride the trail at an appropriate
    speed to your horse and the current conditions *and* finish within a
    specified time frame.  ..   that is what the sport *is*.
    I certainly do not support a change that would encourage them to push across
    the finish knowing they would have additional time to meet criteria.  isn't
    that the reason it was set up the way it is now????  to encourage people to
    come in smart/strategically/slow instead of racing in on the LDs?
    if you want the finish line to stop their time, then it should be run just
    like the 50s.  time and place at the finish line and 30 minutes to meet
    criteria. -otherwise leave it the way it is.
    Becky Huffman, Cleburne, Texas
    "Of course you are.  And I'm coming with you." Sam Gamgee
    ----- Original Message -----
    From: Steph Teeter <steph@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>>
    > One of the AERC directors is proposing a Rules change to LD, where the LD
    > rider's finish time would be determined by when they cross the finish
    > rather than when the horse's pulse reaches criteria. In this proposal the
    > placement (first, second, third, etc) of each competitor would then be
    > determined separately by when their horse's pulse reaches criteria.
    > So your ride time would be determined by when you cross the finish line.
    > This is the time that would be published in AERC results, PNER results,
    > and this is the time that would be used to calculate BC scores.
    > But placement is entirely different - it is determined by when the horse
    > reached criteria.
    > I would love to hear some opinions on this -
    > Steph
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    [RC] Finish Line question for LD Riders, Steph Teeter