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    Re: [RC] teenage horse thing - David & Maggie

    Our Shadow does this, but we have discovered that it is a game with him. As long as we play his game, he is easy to catch. We walk into the pasture, the herd walks up to us. Shadow comes close enough to get his nose patted, then turns his butt to us. At first, we thought he was misbehaving and about to kick, but the rest of the body language wasn't there.
    David, being new to horses, grabbed him by the tail one day. The game was on. Shadow justs walks around the field towing David by his tail, as happy as can be. Eventually, Shadow stops and David halters him. Game over. Score one for the horse. He caught himself a human.
    I looked up one day from catching my horse to find Shadow towing David who had Jazzy by the collar dragging her along. A very odd looking train.....
    Maggie Pritchard--maggie's zoo
    David Herlensky--so much fun to be oblivious
    Shadow--gone tail fishin'
    .Does anyone have any Ideas why horses do this every so
    > often and what can I do to stop it?

    Re: [RC] teenage horse thing, Jennifer Judkins