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    Re: [RC] teenage horse thing - Jennifer Judkins

    Just keep in mind, teaching your horse tricks is easy if they have incentive to try;-)

     Jim Holland <lanconn@xxxxxxx> wrote:

    Best thing to is NOT to go catch them. Take a little time and teach your
    horse to come to YOU on command. Saves a lot of legwork and
    frustration. Both of my horses come on command and drop their head into
    the halter. I've called Sunny out of a herd of 30+ horses.

    It's not difficult, just takes time....This is "basically" the technique
    I use....with some additions and refinements! :)


    Jim, Sun of Dimanche, and Mahada Magic

    susan graham wrote:
    > Hello, I have an on aagain-off agin issues with my 14 year old horse.
    > Sometime I can catch her in the pasture and other times she walks away
    > from me hiding behind the other horses,trotting from one end to the
    > other. It's very frustrating and often I have to get help to catch
    > her. Someone told me that if you keep them running eventually they
    > will stop-she is an endurance horse-this could go on all day! I only
    > approch her when she has stopped moving,but starts to trot away as I
    > get closer.Does anyone have any Ideas why horses do this every so
    > often and what can I do to stop it?
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    Re: [RC] teenage horse thing, Jim Holland